RMA Process
RMA Process
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RMA Process

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This is a $10 deposit on all warranty replacement requests.
The full amount of deposits is refunded when the replacement process has finished.

After the payment, we will issue USPS return postage to you to simply paste it over the shipping box

You must include two of 3 below into the order note when ordering.
1) Quantity
2) Model or DDNS address.

We do not return deposits when the following conditions are met.
1. Working product received - we test the unit and then return the product. The owner should pay for all sending/return shipping.
2. Physically damaged product - 1) Any signs of physical damaged product voids warranty except for the wear/tear. 2) High voltage damaged product voids warranty 3) PoE Injector damages voids warranty. *Port-Digger fully supports All "PoE Hub-Switches" perfectly, however, instead if you are utilizing your IP cameras using the "PoE Injector" that requires inject DC adapter power into the LAN cable, and then you thought about to test it with Port-Digger, it will melt-down and will absolutely lose the warranty.