MK2 - Network Plus (Pre-Order Only)
MK2 - Network Plus (Pre-Order Only)
MK2 - Network Plus (Pre-Order Only)
MK2 - Network Plus (Pre-Order Only)
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MK2 - Network Plus (Pre-Order Only)

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What is Network Plus?

  • "The Network" series is for the professional DVR integrators who desire to utilize the DVR both Local Area Network among Remote Access.
    Meaning DVR desktop software is accessible from LAN also adding extra IP cameras is possible as it fully supports all type of NVRs and DVRs.

  • Free Overnight up to 3 Days shipping (USPS First Class depends on shipping address)

  • Offer end-user crystal "clear" remote viewing experience.
    Let us save your time as little as $2.29 per month or a one-time payment of $55 that includes the MK2 unit + Free First Class shipping + Free USB Power Adapter that will guarantee the connection persistence. 

MK2's Essential Features

  • Automatic DVR Port Forwarding in any situation
  • Industry Best Remote View Video Quality.
    - the full frame "clear" setting at 4MP Full Frame setting remote viewing quality without a lag guaranteed.
    - when switching to the "clear" setting, takes a couple of seconds without any connection failure.
    - Our infrastructure design offers 0 seconds delay that you don't need to sync.
  • Industry Best Firewall for Security Camera and DVR
    - blocks complete scanners, attackers in the secure log from worldwide.
    - blocks whole foreign government accesses and the manufacture created backdoors.
    - blocks entire network traffic toward to End-user Network for extra safety.
    - automatic security camera encryption
    - suffers 1.7Tbps World Record DDOS attacks.
    - and 900+ netfilter policies reloaded in the cloud.
  • 3rd improved all new connection restarter.
  • USB Power Adapter Included

    Please do not use DVR USB as the power source. It will degrade the stability by a lot. Please use USB Power Adapter included in the package. Or any smartphone chargers. We guarantee the uptime.

  • Included Warranty Service.
    24 months Technical Support on call/email/chat/SMS
    24 months Hardware Replacement / Repair warranty.
    24/7 Automatic Port Forwarding Service for two years
    (equals only $2.29 per month x 24 months pre-paid)
Read features in detail.