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 Main Features

Easy - Plug & play. Port-forwarding works after plugging the power-in, and Port-Digger already knows which ports are needed, and automatically configure within 60 seconds to the desired device which connected to Port-Digger's LAN port only.
Guaranteed - Finish all of your Port-Forwarding struggles without fail or excuses. it just works in any situation even double or triple routers upper head.
Persistence - The connection doesn't get drop-out or cut-off streaming, it continuously up countless-hours, if it gets offline, the connection-restore module instantly recovers automatically within seconds as a completely automated system.
Secured - Every port is firewalled in UNIX way, and dual-layer encrypted with modern ciphers make all types of MITM or hijacking impossible.
Streaming Quality - Dual-layered packet correction (FEC) fixes damaged packets + cryptoprocessing delivers a better quality of video/audio in real-time significantly without latencies from 6,000 miles remote-distance testing, zero-frame losses streaming 1080P full 30 frames guaranteed, 4K at clear settings.
Privacy Protection - American privacy being transferred through the off-shore nation by enabling P2P. Also collected end-users home IP could be exploited by someone who manages P2P and sold as Residential Proxy on DarkNet markets, We monitor them regularly with the MaxMind fraud score to determine if the End-user DVR has compromised, also block egress connections to off-shores. Do you get your DVRs at too good to be the true cost? They are smarter than you. Stop assisting the 3rd countries, it's time to Re-shoring your services to America, and become a clean surveillance solution provider before it is too late to recover the reputation.
Shielded - DPI Screened-subnet protects the desired device every moment furthermore, abnormal packets get instantly detected and blocked such as Brute-force attacks, Zero-day attacks, and CIDR policy only accepts the connection from the USA, CANADA & Mexico (customizable)
Always Uptime - we guarantee the peace of mind and deliver 99.99% remote-access uptime, you don't trip back to customers, Port-Digger corrects everything automatically like the artificial intelligent robot.
Free Repairs if something goes wrong with your device, send it back and we'll fix it at no cost.