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 Main Features

Easy - Plug & play. Port-forwarding is automatically configured within 60 seconds of connecting LAN and power cables to the device.
Guaranteed - We guarantee to finish all of your Port-Forwarding struggles without a fail or excuses. it just works in any situation, without needing a router password.
Permanent - The 99.99% uptime rate per month that no other services can equal with our unique triple offline protection system
Unlimited - Swift remote viewing and unlock the full features of DVR
Video Quality - Industry-first packet correction (FEC) fixes damaged packets thus result in a better quality of Video / Microphone and fewer delays.
Shielded - Industry-first DPI + CloudFirewall + Encrypted Tunnels. 0% compromise and 0% DDOS records in history
Always Uptime - Gain multiple times of credits from customers, we guarantee to make their peace of mind and deliver 99.99% remote viewing uptime per month.
Qualcomm - We dove deep into Qualcomm Processor, its next-generation chip maker for smartphones. Highlights include speed and hardware life, AI, and sophisticated image processing* all-in-one module CPU and we successfully ported its unique features into Port Digger 6.
Free Repairs if something goes wrong with your device, send it back and we'll fix it at no cost.

What are the differences between P2P vs Port Digger?
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*Uptime = ((total minutes in a calendar month – total minutes Unavailable (as defined below)) / total minutes in a calendar month) x 100
**DPI - We are the first group that carried DPI in the game such as Backdoor, Botnet, Flash, Compromise, Tor connections, and Malware, along with DDOS attacks. We pack port Digger 6 with the USA made components inside and use the best security organizations such as MITRE, OSVDB, NESSUS and McAfee's DPI techniques. Developed and Managed by Yachae Networks LLC in Los Angeles, California since 2016 under 'closed source' to the public that works zero percent compromise and zero vulnerability possible.
***Qualcomm - Qualcomm Incorporated is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. It derives most of its revenue from chipmaking and the bulk of its profit from patent licensing businesses.