Port Digger IGMP will scan entire IP cameras / NVR in the entire local network & applications.
[MK3: UFO] Pack of 1 Unit. (Latest Version) - Subscription Only

[MK3: UFO] Pack of 1 Unit. (Latest Version) - Subscription Only

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  • Covers up to 2 devices at no extra charge.
  • 90 days return policy, paid return labels, pay when fully satisfied.

Firmware version 1125
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  1. [Limited Time Offer] Stealth Module, Sure-Penetration for major level enterprise firewalls and DPI proxies managed by IT groups.
    All packets are transparency for the IT department DPI and then encrypted later. 

  2. Automatic Port-Forwarding in 30 seconds 

  3. Works in any situation, fail-proof, that p2p could not deliver, even projects that you've given up, it's time to reschedule and be the only one in the area who accomplished it.

  4. Lossless Streaming Quality vs. Manufacture P2P gives the pixelized slide-show quality, minimal app ability support, menus become greyed out, quality setting greyed out.

  5. "Firewall on the cloud" updates instantly every device spreads nationwide and works better than brand name firewalls that merely focus on end-users and have insufficient knowledge of your device.

  6. Port-Digger never involves LAN while Manufacture P2P must bind LAN could be dangerous once the DVR infected with malware.

  7. "Rapid Reconnect" recovers the dropped connection within 30 seconds,
    ordinarily 5 seconds. offers the greatest connection within terrible rural internet connection area.

  8. "DDOS protection" We make sure the device is online and never goes down from any type of attacks.

  9. 100Mbps/100Mbps full-duplex throughput,
    75Mbps DDNS Port-Forwarding throughput 
    builtin AC1000 (75Mbps+25Mbps) Wi-Fi capability

  10. built-in self-diagnose network monitor page that gives you the ISP company name, RDNS, ISP public IP and Speed Check and
    Port-forwarding speed check.
    Everything at your fingertip on a smartphone. without installing any apps on the phone.

  11. Automatically update the firmware and makes all UFO units up to date.

  12. Instant Logging Delivery to support center, in the past,  we had to wait until MK2 be up online to support the issues, now we can support without the device being connected also recognizes the problems on-site remotely.

  13. Wireless Transmitter (Sold Separately at $29) lets you transform the DVR into wireless and skip the LAN cable tasks without any software setup required within a few seconds.

  14. Unlikely MK2 had no temperature solution, the case mechanic of new MK3, saves the cold air around the board then exchange the hot air from processor's high temperature then vent through the holes, 
    This made the unit bigger but the device gains the stability.

  15. Separate 110v-220v 9V AC adapter included. ensure the device receives enough power.

  16. LAN cable included, and tested. Nevermore wondering about the RJ-45 you
    just crimped.

  17. Better packaging, same No logo, No product name.

  18. Risk 90 Days paid shipping return-label provided.

  19. One year of hardware warranty.