Volume License

If you are managing over 25 Port-Diggers or more, instead of paying $2 per unit,

You are eligible for the volume license that comes with the dedicated server that's won't affect neighbors or server outrages, solely operated for your own company. 

Unlimited up to 100 Port-Diggers for $50 a month.
Unlimited up to 200 Port-Diggers for $100 a month.
Unlimited up to 500 Port-Diggers for $200 a month.

And there is an upcoming feature as the bonus we provide your own control panel to manage Port-Diggers at your end, such as rebooting, suspend, resume and see the log and more such as payment gateway for your business.

Please contact sean@portdigger.net or text (213) 394-2314‬ to set-up your own server.