Installation Manual

Step 1: Make sure both internet and ethernet cables are working properly.

Follow steps below to verify the connection:

    1. Connect DVR to the router using the ethernet cable
    2. Go to DVR network menu and check the IP address.
      • If you are getting, or 169.x.x.x or there is an issue with the network; you'll need to resolve this first.
      • If you suspect the ethernet cable isn't working, try rebooting the router first.


Step 2: Connect Port Digger to DVR/NVR.

    1. Internet Cable goes to WAN port of Port Digger, ethernet cable connects the LAN to the DVR. 
    2. Go to DVR network setup menu and enable "DHCP" 
    3. Click Apply or Ok button and then restart the DVR.
    4. You're all set! 


    Post Installation Setup

      • Please wait a minimum of 60 seconds; then you should see Solid Green LED on Port Digger, it means it is online and ready to use.

    For 2018 models: Use 'last four digit' of the MAC address that printed on the Port Digger device then '' (example:

    For 2019 models: Use 'last four digit' of the MAC address that printed on the Port Digger device then '' (example:

    If you do not know which Android or iPhone App for the DVR, contact your DVR distributor.

    Trouble Shooting, etc.

      • Port Digger MK2 models have an LED light that blinks while powering up, but then the flashing stop when remote viewing is ready (signified by a  Solid Green Light)
      • In networks experiencing heavy traffic, automatic setup can take anywhere from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. 
      • If you are using a Port Digger with an old router, you may experience connection issues. This is because one of the four ethernet ports from the router is frozen and does not work properly again until you restart the router.
      • Port Digger typically requires 0.2A but sometimes spikes to a little higher than that at roughly 0.5A. If USB does not supply enough power, Port Digger will restart itself automatically. If you don't want this happen, please use our USB Wall Adapter.
      • If you're using long ethernet cables, Port Digger requires more power than the USB port on the DVR can supply. You have two options in this scenario:
            1. Connect the power cable to an outlet using our USB Adapter.
            2. Use our Wi-Fi Hub Switch to set up the connection wirelessly
            • Running 100ft cable consume about half of the USB port power in the wire. Minimum 2A USB power recommended.
                       P = (I^2)(0.5A)23.2 Ω 0.8 W