Get your device Port Forwarded within 30 seconds,
Without router configuration and frustration.
In any situation.

- Automated Port-Forwarding without a computer.
- Internet Cable Tester without any hardware tool.
 - The extraordinary grade of Network & Security
"Supports any DVRs, Any Routers."

Got any devices on any cisco like frustrations?
Or the client requires persistence connection?

Follow the more straightforward instruction above the picture,
Relax and breathe and do nothing else.

After 30 seconds,
your device is remotely accessible.

Save a massive amount of employment cost,
or your valuable time.

Let us take care of this time-consuming part of your business.
And the total cost less than 3 dollars per month.
Don't do everything by yourself and delay other projects from a stressful task.

Port Digger is standing by right next to your business device
to secure network and deliver the contents anytime
on behalf of you.

All new upgraded product, just released in 2018 September
Here are the additional benefits we have been improving in this year.

  • Capable of doing 4K Streaming at Full 30 FPS with our three unique features.
    Zero Seconds Delay, Zero Buffering, Zero Lagging.

    Why do DVRs remote viewing has to be the "image slideshow" on high-grade phones in the year 2018?

    Because everyday manufacture P2P services are below 240P 15fps or 720P 6fps at best, Also the device cannot have enough resource left after recording fps. And the server traffic costs money.

    We can help you to defeat anyone in your area in the competition,
    1. provide the remote access possible where the competitor has failed or even built-in P2P failed at every impossible situation.
    2. providing excellent movie quality when the competitor offers an image slideshow at lower quality.

    Compare how our Cloud Port enhanced a generic Hikvision at streaming.

    This footage was from an Android phone iVMS-4500 live remote streaming and recorded straight from the iVMS-4500 app.

    Watch the people walking, and the clock seconds.
    No lagging or delays at all and maximum delay would be less than a second.

    That's the only H264 for web streaming, Here is the lossless quality of the original 4K H265 file. Open it with VLC player (to test 4K, make sure the desktop was purchased from 2014 or later, or an iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 or equivalent required).

    Now, let's check other crucial features.

  • The connection persistence is guaranteed, and we offer 90-day returns.
    We spent countless hours on this test, and the newest script will recover the connection instantly, as long as there is a valid internet, and your device hasn't frozen from the hitting resource bottleneck every day.
    And we even made the most straightforward solution ever for end-users to discover without calling you. 

  • It has a log system for troubleshooting with the easy explanation for your company or end-users and suggests steps to do.

  • Separated LED Indicators on WAN and LAN both ethernet ports; we
    see the cables make troubles, skip the rj45 test that will waste double, triple time after the incorrect results.

  • WAN Cable Internet Checker
    What if you did excellent cabling job but not sure if the cable receives the internet from the router? But don't want to bother the customer? Even ask for a laptop or wifi passwords anything related to their privacy unprofessionally?
    - Now you can quickly check the wires internet availability with your smartphone without installing any apps, nevermore pick up the sticky, dirty cables, also check the speed of the current upload speed so you can configure the right amount of frame per seconds and the quality setting based on the result.

  • The main LED indicates the connection and traffic of the Port Forwarding. Which also means you have finished the Port Forwarding, it only takes 30 seconds when the cable is ready.
    Without calling the support and being on hold.

  • Built-in 110V AC / DC Converter. does not require an extra adapter/cables.

  • DVR Reboot Commander** You can manage devices remotely by Port Digger Mobile Application.
    - Regardless of your device models whether it supports or not, Let the Port Digger reboot unresponsive devices without having you to visit a customer or when the customer is traveling.

#The Network

  • On top of Anycast topology, we utilize the traffic more efficiently for our load balance system, the failover system, and the attack mitigation system.
  • Anycast calculates the distance of the remote device and finds the nearest network path to the Port Digger.
  • Cloud Port does not generate delays like the P2P or manual port-forwarding.
    We built 10Gbps private infrastructure based on 480Gbps ISP shared backbone.

#The Security & The Server

  • Key-less Blockchain Platform.
    Each Port Digger platform is based on the blockchain and it's been a couple of years ago, and IBM also just released their IBM Blockchain platforms.

    we also developed "Key-less" blockchain system that physically managed by physical keys and this anti-hacks the entire system.
    as the "Virtual" can't touch the "Physical." so there is no key to be stolen by hackers.

  • The American Privacy Guardian Engine.
    Does not allow
    - Manufacture made illegal backdoors and tunnel initiator.
    - P2P tunnels that directly bind to end-users Local Area Network without permission.
    - Most of the attacks, we know very well about what hackers are expecting from the DVR, and we are specialized in defense of those attacks and also make previously infected DVR useless for them.
    - Your devices will never get DDOS attacks to result in becoming offline.

    What's the difference between Port Digger and Mikrotic Routers using the same hardware or equivalent? It's managed security vs. unmanaged security.
    "Over 200,000 Mikrotik routers compromised." which happened quickly within a month, unlikely managed security, once we update the security policies it also immediately applied to all units without upgrading the firmware.


The new Cloud Port 4K primed with the better hardware at the same price, you can experience our latest technologies into the device.

*Automatic Port-Forwarding possible in the hardest situation below, everywhere, in every case.

Hospital, School, Satellite, Cellular Mobile, VPNs, Router with Forgotten Password, Any situation,

We never stop developing our products and releasing new products.
For example, we are also on the project that will have 2 times faster than Cloud Port that will bypass even human DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).