Distribution & Reselling

Why should you become a Port Digger distributor?

Fast-growing customer base

    • High-volume sales from returning customers

Surveillance Technology Innovators

    • Port Digger is the only automatic port forwarding device on the market

Agile Development 

    • Our team is constantly iterating to keep up with market changes and customer feedback to ensure we are providing the best product possible


Why do installers buy our products?

Installation companies love Port Digger because our products are simple, reliable, & secure.

Port Digger solves the following common installation problems:

    • Issues bypassing firewalls, such as SonicWall and equivalent systems.
    • Unreliable P2P connections using DVR/NVR software.
    • Low quality video limitation from P2P.
    • Without Port Digger devices, it's impossible to setup on Satellite/Mobile Hotspot projects
    • Port forwarding can take many hours to setup initially and often requires maintenance
    • Chinese manufactured devices often have security issues


Contact Michael, our Head of Sales, to discuss distribution/reselling:

213-514-4444 extension 1