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For technical issues,

Most of the problem can resolve by power-cycling (restart) the Internet Router and then the DVR.
*without checking the internet connection, it will take more time to troubleshoot the issue,

If Port Digger has a solid green light (MK2), or 4th LED is on(MK3)
please leave it on (as it means working)
In case, even though LAN Cable has successfully verified valid internet connection and restarted DVR but then Port Digger still doesn't have LED on, we are here to help mostly 24 hours a day.

For late night support, leave a DDNS address to the messenger at the bottom left corner icon, that will automatically create a ticket and notify to all the agents.
Once we receive it, we will reply as soon as possible.

Yachae Networks & Technologies.
Legal Entity: Yachae Networks LLC.


If you want to return the product without using our RMA system, 
please send them to the address below and email with a tracking number.

Port Digger Fulfillment & RMA
3183 Wilshire Blvd 196A13
Los Angeles CA 90010


Voice: 213-514-4444
SMS: 213-514-8882

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