About Port Digger

Port Digger saves time.

Port Digger is a small device that sets up port-forwarding towards to DVR automatically. You would not need to open up the laptop, get the remote desktop app ready, however your support technician put you on hold over the phone. Finally, it went through, but no one knows the router password. The time is covering 4:30 pm now. You will soon call it a day after this tech support moves onto the 2nd router port-forwarded.

Did you recognize that one of your smartphone apps will cost you a 1-month lifetime out of a year?
If you spend 2 hours on Instagram or Facebook every day, You only live for 11 months a year. That is 2 hours, times 30 days equal to 60 hours, times 12 months is 720 hours. Seven hundred twenty hours is a full month without a break. 

You eventually take showers, have lunch and dinner, total in a lower limit of 2 hours, which is another month. in a simple calculation, 2 hours of everyday habits equals one month, 
So, now we figured how we spent two months of every year, so we have only ten months left. How about something that consumes over 2 hours? Like 8 hours of sleep? And 8 hours of a day job?

After all those mandatory for a living, we get only "two months" of free time per year, only allowed time to make things to be improved, shall not be wasted by repeating job tasks, as we all want the business to be succeed. This is the size of a container of yours, this capacity could be slightly bigger or smaller, with a bigger container, you can pour more water than a smaller container. Water is your potential, the container is your capacity, and that slight amount of water speed up the position of the capitalism system.

We have seen so many people were struggling with Port-forwarding, also touring back-and-forth trips to the same job sites over and over. As we value time more than money, we determined to do something that benefits people save their time, so they can earn more free time to invest in something that steps up to the next tier of success. Whoever manages time successfully than others, outcomes better result from something he has achieved it.

Time management is the shortcut to success. That’s part of our theory and philosophy.

We hope you guys be triumphant with our products and enjoy life. 
Again, time is gold,

Yachae Networks LLC.