About Port Digger

Port Digger saves time.

Port Digger is a small device that automatically sets up Port Forwarding for DVRs. You would not need to open up the laptop, get the remote desktop app ready, nevertheless, your support call remains busy. Finally, it went through, but you forgot the router password. The time is nearly covering 4:30 pm. Moreover, you will soon call it a day after this tech support move onto the 2nd router port-forwarded.

Did you recognize that one of your smartphone apps will cost you 1-month lifetime out of a year?
If you spend 2 hours on Instagram or Facebook every day, You only live for 11 months a year. That is 2 hours times 30 days equal to 60 hours, times 12 months is 720 hours. 720 hours is a full one month.

You will take a shower, have lunch, have dinner, lower limit  2 hours which is another month or so. I reached a simple calculation, 2 hours of everyday habit equals 1 month,

So far we figured how we spend 2 months every year, so we have only 10 months left, How about something that consumes more than 2 hours? Like 8 hour of sleep? And 8 hours of a day job? this turned me down once I re-think about capitalism. 

We get only 2 months of free time per year. it is a very short amount of time to build your capital against capitalist with enough time and resources but these given 2 months also must not be wasted as we all do business to succeed. This is the size of a bowl of yours, it could be bigger or smaller, with a bigger bowl, you can pour more water than a smaller bowl. That is your capacity.

We have seen many people were struggling with Port-Forwarding also touring back and forth trip to the same job sites over and over. As we value time more than money, we ascertained to do something that benefits people save their time, so they can earn more free time to invest on something that steps up to the next tier of success. Whoever manages time efficiently than others, outcomes better result from something he has achieved it, while some others try to save a dollar by spending a couple of hours over the phone, and remain the same level each year.

Time management is the key to success, that's part of my philosophy. 

Port Digger is constantly improving.

Port Digger's prototype developed in 2016 June. It worked well and operated in any impossible circumstances. However, it had latency issue and more tedious than the regular Port Forwarding.

During the last year, Port Digger had many upgrades and improvements.
2017 model Port Digger MKII, there are many technical features offered that do not exist in the market.

It reduced the rate of latency down to nearly zero ms of the video streaming.
We could offer 4 mega-pixels full frame remote streaming last year without a lag,

3rd Quarter 2018, the 4K streaming capability losing no original quality, also custom designed packet management to deliver every packet of H.265 efficiently.

4th Quarter 2018,  Our protocol achieved 60Mbps port-forwarding throughput rate of the end to end networking through a small micro embedded device. This is 3 times faster than current technology, it reduces your network equipment cost up to 30 times against SonicWall hardware and labors because of our easiest and simplest plug-and-play installation also offers managed cybersecurity protection, that outperforms any other firewalls usually focus on end-users but have zero knowledge of your devices and would not care of it every year.

While we specialized in cybersecurity, our protocol also knows the reverse path to bypass the DPI or corporate Proxy and the firewalls by sending the "honest" packet on upper side and then make rest of data undetectable at the lower side (MKIII: Stealth), as those corporate proxy and DPI system does not understand your company devices and treat an unusual packet then block them for no reason.

However, we also made mistakes, sometimes when we test our development, it is not so perfect, First, we appreciate the support from clients. we wanted to ensure the quality of the product for all of our clients like Steve Jobs, but overall it did not work that way. 
In an example,  at the outset of the start-up, one of VIP account ordered his first 100 units, we supplied it, but we had to recall everything the next day and fixed the issue of same day then shipped overnight. Luckily, he is one of the big account holders, here is another one, June 18th, 2018, after 700 days of server uptime, one of the central servers that contained nearly half of the units had an outrage, long-drawn 3-day outage, overall it took about a week to be stable after many restarts for the tune-up, which made most of the people discouraged. Datacenter finally contacted me, and the reason was network port failure that could've performed by them within a few minutes already.

After this incident, we immediately expanded our network to 11 major cities nationwide 10Gbps each network with fail-over systems.

We spent most of the time to reset the frozen DVR LAN interface, Port Digger soon will monitor DVRs and reboot it automatically every time DVR is not responding, as their LAN port is not solid and stable. This is not part of our role, but we try to get your work done as a team, so we keep developing it for you guys
this is one thing we'd liked to develop that does not exist around the world.

We will be also releasing the port managing software on the cloud at your fingertips with no skill requirements, manage your customer or let them manage it under your company logo on top.

We hope you guys be triumphant with our products and enjoy life.
Again, time is gold,

Sean O.
Founder & CEO
Yachae Networks LLC.