Port Digger 6
Port Digger 6
Port Digger 6
Port Digger 6
Port Digger 6
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Port Digger 6

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Main Features

  • Simple - Plug & play. Port-forwarding is automatically configured within 60 seconds of connecting LAN and power cables to the device.
  • Reliable - We guarantee to offer almost 99.99% uptime  that no other services can offer with our unique triple offline protection system.
  • Secure - 2048-Bit Key and SSL/TLS Encrypted Connection with the best in DPI and Netfilter shipped together.
  • Stream Protector - You will not experience in shattered video streaming
    from our new video packet correction (FEC) feature, improves video quality.

    First-time buyers, if you are unsure how this product works, we accept Amazon pay, all you need is Amazon account. You still have those Amazon guarantee shopping experience with the greatest refund policy.



  • Hardwares - We dove deep into Qualcomm Processor, its next-generation chip maker for high-end smart-phones today. Highlights include speed and hardware life, AI, and sophisticated image processing* all-in-one module CPU and our development successfully ported its unique features into Port Digger 6.
  • Micro USB to USB Cable & USB Wall Adapter included
  • Free Repairs - if something goes wrong with your device, send it back and we'll fix it at no cost.


  • Built-in P2P vs Port Digger?
    P2P require for you to re-configure at the DVR which require a travel.
    (1) when external p2p changed, (2) changed modem, (3) changed router, (4) Public IP changed, (5)someone closed the ports, (6)router itself flush the cache. these are the reason why it stops working frequently.

    - Port Digger has proved users during the 3 years of uptime 24 hours and 7 days

    - Low-end home routers can easily block P2P. Anyone can log into the router configuration and check the option to 'Disable IPSEC, PPTP, L2TP' then apply, it's over, P2P is not possible.

    These happens when IT Managers don't feel safety about the vulnerability of OSI Level 2. Port Digger is most trusted Level 3 network.

    - P2P is unencrypted. that means - all data flow is readable, your ID/PW is readable, P2P becomes a member of LAN and exposes to the world.
    it's wrapped with HTTP (red lock), Port Digger uses 2048-Bit authentication key and 128Bit SSL/TLS encrypted (green lock)

    - P2P can't do advanced setup configuration, does not offer web server and  can't implement professional features, and they limit everything in the software. 

    - Port Digger works on enterprise grade routers, and unlikely P2P, we do care and respect the LAN and comes with Isolated Network, also have our own 32 Class C network, /19 in total Certified Public Sub-Net covers entire North America, if it ever goes down, everything is the automatic restoration. Don't worry, it does not require extra web-login and then deliver the low quality of the images.
    You can also use 100% of the DVR function like it was manually port-forwarded.


    - DPI - When Port-Forwarding means wide open to worldwide, how Port Digger blocks all those bad packets, Also USA NSA warns all Chinese DVR manufactures? And Which DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Port Digger 6 offer?

    We are the only company exist that seriously cares bad packets below,
    Backdoor, Botnet, Flash, Compromise, Tor connections and Malware, along with DDOS attacks that significantly loses your clients.
    We love to defense our country and your clients and we are proving it with based on very complex iptables rules, we also know how to read packets in side of the data flow in the Port-Forwarded ports. This skill set is called Deep Packet Inspection, USA is the far beyond best at internet security, so NSA warnings are serious, and it shouldn't be ignored.

  • We pack port Digger 6 with USA made materials and use the best security organizations such as MITRE, OSVDB, NESSUS and McAfee's DPI techniques.Developed and managed by Yachae Networks LLC in Los Angeles, California since 2016. Under 'closed source' to make zero vulnerability possible.

  • Qualcomm Incorporated is an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. It derives most of its revenue from chip making and the bulk of its profit from patent licensing businesses.


Don't forget, we make Port Digger for you to save installation time.
it's plug and play, it does your professional networking setup in 60 seconds.
Regardless the hardest SonicWall-like routers under unnegotiable IT managers (on top of our up to date secured cloud-walls) Plus, you don't want to drive up there every month.