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  • Plug-and-play - automated configuration within 60 seconds of connecting WAN and LAN cables.
  • Fastest Port-forwarding device to date, capable of up to 20 Mbps real-time video per channel.
  • User Credential Security Check ensures only the owner can remote access the remote device.
  • Establishes a direct connection after it automatically identifies the credentials. 
  • Free Repairs - if something goes wrong with your device, send it back and we'll fix it at no cost.
  • Wireless (optional) - make your installation totally wireless by adding our new Wi-Fi hub-switch and forget about the messy LAN cables.

    *In-order to get free support from us, be sure to use the separated USB power source, if you supply not enough power (using DVR USB port) will make MK2 malfunction or unstable. you can use any smartphone USB 1A charger as power-source or purchase our adapter.