Why did my installation on Cable Modem/Router fail last time?

Sometimes we get support calls about Port Digger doesn't seem to work on cable internet services.

Who is Charter Communications and which ISPs are involved?

Charter Communications is the 3rd largest internet company in US. They acquired Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum), TCI, Avalon, Falcon, AT&T Cable, they even purchased Optimum. Bright House, Cox Communications,

So yes, most of cable services are under Charter's dominating business.

Current Issue of Charter Communications and the new Policy.

WAN DHCP problems rapidly increased in 2016 and then 2017 January to until now, ever since the new management, and the new chairman Ajit Pai 

Back in the days, in example, Time Warner cable mostly did not have this WAN DHCP problems because they offered only Modem subscriptions as an option, so consumers have a choice to use their own or lease their modem.

Once Charter acquired Time Warner, (changed to Spectrum and all others in the different states) there is another option for $10 monthly router subscription along with Wi-Fi services (or separated). But consumers would not be interested, they will either shop at bestbuy for better quality router at the cheaper price or just order it from Amazon. If consumer subscribed the router for $10 per month, Charter won’t disable the router, and you won't be in trouble as old timewarner days but consumers mostly don't..

  • If Customer is not leasing a Charter router for $10 per month and using their own modem/router, 

    Solution: Very simple, connect it to the consumers existing router(not the charter one), as they refused to lease Charter provided router for $10 per month. That is no longer router even though at the sticker has Wifi Password or Router login pages. Confirm with the consumer if they have subscribed with the router or even wifi plan. If not, please refrain from connecting Port Digger into the modem. Charter will remotely disable the functionality of router and the wifi once the modem rebooted.

    *If consumer has the old plans and hasn't updated the plan with Charter, it would work fine without the subscription.

One of many lawsuits against Charter according to Wikipedia.

In May 2016, Charter reached a settlement with the FCC regarding allegations by Zoom Telephonics that, in 2012, following the introduction of new rate plans and the introduction of DOCSIS 3.0, it had begun to bar new subscribers or those switching to the new plans from utilizing customer-purchased modems. Although Charter ended this practice in 2014 and began to allow certain certified modems to be used, Zoom argued that the company was still deliberately limiting options by requiring the modems to undergo a testing protocol concerning factors beyond whether they cause interference or unauthorized receipt of service (the only two factors which providers may use to restrict allowable modems under FCC policy). Charter paid a $640,000 fine, and agreed to use a shorter testing process allowing the use of any DOCSIS 3.0-compatible modem, and send compliance reports to the FCC every six months and whenever a modem is blacklisted.


The good news,

As of February 12th, we had successfully found the signaling that reset WAN DHCP from Charter's end-point without leasing their router. we are testing all DOCSIS 3.0 Modem/Routers and most likely done by end of the February. Meanwhile, please do not use Charter Modem/Router LAN port unless the End-User subscribed that $10 per month. Ask customer before the installation.

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