There is no such 100% server uptime. Maybe 99%.

Once or twice a twelvemonth, the dominant company like Microsoft and Amazon server providers also suffer from outages. 

Please be mindful that even though we all have back up plan called failover, even  Amazon and Microsoft or all have failovers; there is a chance it doesn't help. But we do our best once it occurs.

P.S. We are not part of Microsoft or Amazon data center, just wanted to tell people about what server outage is, because when we ever experienced one back on June 20th, (that only once out of 2 and half years), some could not understand about it.


Just random pick of one of Microsoft Outages
One of Amazon AWS Outage

Widespread outage at Amazon Web Services' U.S. East region


If we ever throw one in the future, please remain calm and eventually it will be back online. But we don't think it will happen anytime soon, or it would never happen, as the outage rate is really low.


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