MKIII UFO - Patch note.

All orders will be on the latest firmware, it will update all UFO already installed 3 AM every day.

UFO Version 0111

  • Another bypass mechanism added when ISP blocks all returning ports.
    (Rare issue: ISP like TELLUS CANADA & possibly their Mobile Network).

UFO Version 0105

  • Fixed black screen bug.

UFO Version 0103

  • [Stealth] connection bug fix
  • Disabling ipv6 entirely.
  • Bringing the 3 features of 'hub/switch/router' from MK2
  • Improved shield on the target device's backdoors and service ports.
  • Major fixes on status page (

UFO Version 1231

  • Eligible ports range has changed to
    80, 443, 554 and any ports from 1000 to 59999
    2nd Device: 9000-11000

UFO Version 1227

  • For better 2nd DVR's network port compatibility, port range changed to 9000-11000 instead of 10000-11000
  • Wifi bridge scan interval changed to 5 minutes. 

UFO Version 1223

  • Disabling ipv6 as it caused a possible reconnect stuck after daily reboot.

UFO Version 1220

  • Reduced Stealth preparation requirement to 30 seconds from 5 minutes.
    4th LED will come up within a minute.

UFO Version 1125

  • [Beta] Temporarily added Stealth penetration, limited offer. for UFO. 
  • [New] Security hardening for the end-user device.

Rev 2.

  • [New] Cables free, go wireless without any cables.
  • [Fixed] 2 device mode switches back to 1 device mode.
  • [New] Fail-free logging system without a connection.
  • [New] Remote upgrading system without a connection.
  • [New] Backdoor scanner. (MKIII: Stealth)

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