MKIII UFO - Patch note.


    -----------PATCH NOTE-----------

    Fixed List:

    UFO Version 2/23/2019

    • Port Digger now fully support IGMP and pick up all the IP cameras
      and NVR's in the network without changing the IPs.
      Just plug-in and run the application (like iVMS-4200)
    • Fixed typo issues in the configuration that made the device not pingable.

    UFO Version 2/21/2019

    • [Official Announce]
      UFO Firmware finally entered a stable stage and we are about to lock the firmware as it is now stable.

    • 2 DVR mode won't get the IP address swapped anymore.
      it's safe to use DHCP now on 2 DVRs.

    UFO Version 2/18/2019

    • Fixed the Routing issue even though 4th LED showed the successful connection, (there was a missing configuration unable to route on a certain situation like the below)
      1) McDonald Networks managed by a company, 
      2) Some VPN based ISP, DSL-VPN ISPs
      3) Create an exclusive path for ports on some routers with the bogus configuration by someone else.

    • Fixed 2 DVR Mode DHCP, it should not replace each other. it will stay port-forwarded and need not make it static anymore.

    UFO Version 2/4/2019

    • Fixed Wi-Fi beacon errors.
    • Better DNS sync method for the UFO protocol.

    UFO Servers 2/1/2019

    • Fixed UFO protocol having a very slow connection.

    UFO Version 0201

    • Reduced Wi-Fi Transmitter searching interval which could've resulted in connection drops.

    UFO Version 0127

    • When Double device mode triggered, (eg, 2 DVRs)
      DVR2's Port Range has changed to 9000-9032

    UFO Version 0124

    • 5 minutes' grace period for the instant re-connection when dropped.
    • connection speed improvement
    • wifi transmitter unit test completed.
    • local unit device logger bug fix.

    UFO Version 0123

    • Firewall: Several hacking attempt may cause the permanent ban.

    UFO Version 0121

    • Fixed Daily Automatic Update feature. From version 0121 or higher works with daily updates.

    UFO Version 0111

    • Another bypass mechanism added when ISP blocks all returning ports.
      (Rare issue: ISP like TELLUS CANADA & possibly their Mobile Network).

    UFO Version 0105

    • Fixed black screen bug.

    UFO Version 0103-2019

    • [Stealth] connection bug fix
    • Disabling ipv6 entirely.
    • Bringing the 3 features of 'hub/switch/router' from MK2
    • Improved shield on the target device's backdoors and service ports.
    • Major fixes on status page (

    UFO Version 1231-2018

    • Eligible ports range has changed to
      80, 443, 554 and any ports from 1000 to 59999
      2nd Device: 9000-11000

    UFO Version 1227

    • For better 2nd DVR's network port compatibility, port range changed to 9000-11000 instead of 10000-11000
    • Wifi bridge scan interval changed to 5 minutes. 

    UFO Version 1223

    • Disabling ipv6 as it caused a possible reconnect stuck after daily reboot.

    UFO Version 1220

    • Reduced Stealth preparation requirement to 30 seconds from 5 minutes.
      4th LED will come up within a minute.

    UFO Version 1125

    • [Beta] Temporarily added Stealth penetration, limited offer. for UFO. 
    • [New] Security hardening for the end-user device.

    Rev 2.

    • [New] Cables free, go wireless without any cables.
    • [Fixed] 2 device mode switches back to 1 device mode.
    • [New] Fail-free logging system without a connection.
    • [New] Remote upgrading system without a connection.
    • [New] Backdoor scanner. (MKIII: Stealth)

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