[MKIII:UFO] 75Mbps upload speed and ISP upload throttle limit bypass.

[MKIII: UFO] has achieved 75Mbps upload on Comcast Standard Plan (100Mbps down / 30Mbps up)

port 2018 static page,

The above page is part of MK3 static pages that included in MK3 product, and it measures the speed, and it professionally gives you ISP information so you can set up the device correctly.

The below page is the moment when one of the customers is testing MK3

As you see above now [MK3: UFO] bypasses even ISP speed throttle cap.
Steady 70Mbps ~ 75Mbps Uploading speed. Downloads are maybe temporarily possible. However, upload boost was almost impossible within ISP throttle.

This feature was not what we expected from the development, our focus was the speed improvement and "rapid-reconnect" from the end-to-end network (as we achieved up to 60Mbps), and I guess we discovered something else as well as the bonus. 

There is no guarantee on this experimental feature that comes with UFO.
So you shall not do business with this particular hidden feature with the customer.

As you checked the top picture, Aerioconnect isn't possible. We will be updating working ISP soon.
Also always remember this, as you may think what others already do so now, 
My answer is, we can't let you connect it to a personal computer and get the benefit of it. Remember the price we offer was business to business.


Below two video are the footages of compare test when MK3 on / off.
The first video is when it is off, and you would see some random packets arrived to check if there is any hacking possibility. And showing the speed of 30Mbps.

The 2nd video shows when MK3 is on, then transferring 200MB data. To the server, It shows steady 70Mbps speed when MK3 transformed into stealth mode.

[without mk3] shows the connection maximum upload of 30Mbps,
several bots are scanning backdoors 



[with MK3] MK3 is turned on. Comcast and showing steady 70Mbps. 
No scanners around, peaceful. security patch updates daily.


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